Song Circle at ComFest

Saturday, June 24


Goodale Park in Columbus, OH

Everyone is welcome at this song circle organized by the local protest choir, Vocal Resistance. Choir members will be singing the songs in their repertoire and inviting peaceniks of all ages and singing abilities to sing along. Our songs include “Quiet,” “Imagine,” “America, the Beautiful,” “I’m Gonna Walk It With You,” and “Meditation On Breathing.”

**Meet at the southeast entrance plaza to Goodale Park at the corner of Goodale Blvd and Park St. We will gather at 2:00 and walk together to find a shady spot where we can create our song circle.

Be aware that parking will be at a premium and there will be crowds so plan to arrive early. Bring something to sit on (optional) and choir music (for VR members). No worries if you don’t have music-lyrics will be posted online.

Vocal Resistance Members, please wear your VR t-shirts and carry your folders so we can find one another in the crowd.




6/22 Rehearsal in Columbus for VR Choir

Thursday, June 22


First Unitarian Universalist

93 W. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus 43214

Vocal Resistance is a social justice choir active in the greater Columbus area. Recent performances include the March for Science, town hall events with Indivisible, the March for Truth, a flash mob in downtown Delaware, and a music video with local singer-songwriter Jenny Morgan. We meet three times a month for practice on the songs in our repertoire: “America, the Beautiful,” “Meditation on Breathing,” “I’m Gonna Walk It With You,” “Quiet,” and “Imagine.” The rehearsal on 6/22 will be held at First Unitarian Universalist in the Clintonville area. There are no membership fees or attendance expectations, though we do ask that you buy your own sheet music, currently $2. Singers of all ages and voices are welcome.

Audio files can be found here.

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Rehearsal 6/8

Rehearsal – Thursday, June 8

7:00-8:45 PM

1574 Franklin St., Lewis Center, OH

North Unitarian Universalist Church

This is our regular, twice-a-month Thursday rehearsal for all Vocal Resistance Singers. We welcome new or prospective members. Plan on practicing the five songs in our repertoire: “America the Beautiful,” “Meditation On Breathing,” “I’m Gonna Walk It With You,” “Imagine,” and “Quiet.”

Audio files for “Imagine” and “I’m Gonna Walk It With You” can be found here.

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Sounds of Hope Flash Mob

Flash Mob for “Sounds of Hope”

June 2, 2017

Delaware Ohio

Vocal Resistance teamed up with other progressive and democratic organizations in Delaware County for a surprise flash mob during the First Friday community event.

From the organizer: During this administration, it is easy to get disheartened. Mental health is suffering for many people under the relentless assaults on our democracy and the daily insanity from our government. It’s hard to fill your cup of hope sometimes, and that is what this event is designed to do. There is strength in knowing that you are not alone. Music can fill us in ways that sustain us when it‘s hard to keep fighting for what we believe in. Everyone needs to see light in the darkness. Let’s be that light for one night.

We are going to use light and sound to bring hope to anyone feeling the progressive blues. To do this, you will need to carry a jar and your candle in a purse or pocket. Part of the fun of a Flash Mob is the surprise, so we want to make sure that your candle and jar are hidden until the time is right.

At sunset, Vocal Resistance will begin singing “Quiet,” first one soloist, then joined by the rest of the choir. We will stand in a circle holding our candles. Other people will join us, gathering around our circle with their candles. At the end of “Imagine,” everyone will blow out their candles and disperse into the First Friday crowd, and that’s it! You have demonstrated that there are progressive voices in our community, and they are beautiful. The Resistance can be powerful, peaceful, and inspiring.

Fourteen Vocal Resistance singers came out on a beautiful night to bravely sing in the middle of Sandusky St. in downtown Delaware. Soloists were Marlene and Hannah on “Quiet” and Connie, Jesssa, and Brian on “Imagine.”

Thanks to Nona in Delaware for creating this event and inviting VR to sing.

March for Truth

Saturday, June 3


65 S. Front St., Columbus


From the organizer:

Across the country, peaceful demonstrations will be arranged on Saturday, June 3rd. Our goals are simple:

1. Congressional investigations should be properly resourced and pursued free of partisan interests, and/or an independent investigation must be established.
2. As much information should be made available to the public as possible, and as soon as possible.
3. If crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, it must be prosecuted.
4. The President must be held accountable for the untruths he is perpetrating.

Agnes Vishnevkin was the Vocal Resistance Point Person for this event with help from Jessa during the march. Agnes was also one of the featured speakers at the event.


Here are some photos from the March For Truth:


March for Truth

Channel 6 covered the event. You can see some VR members marching on the segment that aired on TV. If you scroll down to the unedited video, VR is singing at about the 10-minute mark.

Rehearsal 5/11


North Unitarian Universalist Church

1574 Franklin St., Lewis Center, OH

We will compare the 5-part and 3-part versions of “Quiet.” Also, plan to work parts on “Imagine.” The rehearsal will also include “I’m Gonna Walk It with You,” “America, the Beautiful,” and “Meditation on Breathing.”

During the short VR meeting, we will discuss membership in the Coalition of Democratic and Progressive Organizations of Ohio. There will be a short conversation about past events and an update on the future events calendar.

Rehearsal is open to all new and returning VR members.america-the-beautiful

Sunday VR Rehearsal

Sunday, May 7

1-2:30 pm

North Unitarian Universalist Church

1574 Franklin St., Lewis Center, OH

You asked and we listened! We know that some people have been unable to attend the Thursday rehearsals for Vocal Resistance. Once a month, we offer a Sunday afternoon rehearsal.

We will practice all five of our repertoire pieces:

  • America, the Beautiful
  • Imagine
  • Quiet
  • I’m Gonna Walk It With You
  • Meditation On Breathing

Sheet music will be available for all new members. The cost for the sheet music for “Imagine” is $2. Please spread the word and invite friends to this Sunday rehearsal.


Heart of Ohio March for Climate

Saturday, April 29


Delaware, OH


It was a stormy spring morning, not too cold, but definitely wet. Everyone gathered at the gazebo at Bicentennial Park in Delaware. Umbrellas and colorful rain jackets were everywhere.

The Vocal Resistance Choir took a moment to go through “Imagine” and “America the Beautiful” in a nearby bus stop. It was a really nice bus stop, maybe the cleanest, most spacious one I’ve ever seen. I think the bus stop was twice as large as any of the DATA busses in town! Deb Bogard, our point person took a selfie.


As we practiced in the bus stop, the rain began coming down harder and thunder added its voice to our sound. It was magical.

Connor, a music education major at Otterbein, joined us for the performance.

Because of the weather, fitting because this was a March for Climate, the organizers decided to hold the rally in the park gazebo. We huddled together and listened to speakers on climate, health, and jobs. Vocal Resistance led the singing of “America the Beautiful” at the beginning of the program and “Imagine” near the end. The soloists for “Imagine” were Karen, Deb, and Brian.


In total, there were about 10 Vocal Resistance members at the event. It was just the right size for an intimate, powerful gathering. My favorite moment was when thunder boomed as one of the presenters said, “We are speaking truth to power.” 18121606_10212925786645646_6068116366240262812_o

Rehearsal for VR

Thursday, April 27

7 – 8:45 pm

North Unitarian Universalist Church

1574 Franklin St., Lewis Center, OH


Join us for an energizing, uplifting rehearsal for the Vocal Resistance Choir.

We will practice the five pieces in our repertoire:

  • Quiet
  • America, the Beautiful
  • Meditation on Breathing
  • I’m Gonna Walk It With You
  • Imagine

This rehearsal will focus on refining parts and improving performances. We will discuss upcoming events while reviewing the events of the past two weeks. Bring your ideas about what is working and what we can improve.

See Jessa Ca if you would like to purchase a decal for making your own VR t-shirt.

If you have not yet purchased the sheet music for “Imagine,” you can buy it from Marlene Hartzler for $2.

New members are always welcome.