We recognize the power of music to spread peace, herald positive change, speak truth, and build solidarity.

We know that the road will be long and hard. Gathering for song keeps us connected and fills our spirits for the work ahead.

Vocal Resistance includes adults who have not sung since they were children alongside professional singers. The intergenerational choir spans all phases of life: adults, teens, children, moms, dads, grandparents. We have rural and city folk. People of many faiths and people who are not religious are members of this choir. We include life-long Ohioans and transplants from around the country and around the world. We welcome people of all gender identities and expressions. Vocal Resistance believes that diversity makes us stronger. We are regular people who love our country and care about humanity. And we can’t keep quiet anymore. We are singing out for justice, empathy, and peace.

Vocal Resistance has performed for marches, rallies, town hall meetings, interfaith events, social gatherings, protests, an art exhibit opening, and flash mobs. We collaborate with other choirs including Voices of Unity, the Freedom Choir of Crazy Faith Ministries, and The World House Choir. Our partners include Faith In Public Life, the Coalition of Democratic and Progressive Organizations, the Ohio Poor People’s Campaign, Indivisible, Interfaith Association of Central Ohio, and many others.

Why do people sing with Vocal Resistance?

I sing because while there is much division right now, the purity of song cannot be argued. I sing because I love my country, and I cannot sit quietly while I watch a corrupt administration dismantle our democracy. I sing because I want to express my deep feelings from a place of love and connection with others. And while singing with others, I find my voice and my courage to stand up for what is right.” A.F.

“I am an Army BRAT. Every time we moved, or my mom went to the field, I was told that our sacrifice was for America: that our family was doing this so that other families could sleep warm and safe and together under one roof. I grew up believing that doing something for America was a much more noble deed than doing anything for oneself. I was always proud to be American. This past year or so, I’ve been forced to see my beautiful country’s ugly side, and it’s turned out to be much larger and uglier than I had ever imagined. I want the country I thought I had for my kids.

I sing because I don’t want to shout, but I want to be heard.”  J.C.

“I sing because I love it. I have never sung in an official group before this. I was never at all active politically until this election [Nov. 2016] when I was outraged by the horrible things being said and the lies being told. There is a lot more racism and sexism being displayed than I realized still existed. I have been trying to show my kids (specifically my daughter) that there are ways to change the world for the better. Singing with this group is one of those ways.”  M.T.

“I sing because I am alarmed at the hateful policies proposed by the new administration. I get nervous in big crowds and I am shy about going alone to events, but Vocal Resistance gives me the courage to show up and participate. Singing with my new friends gives me joy and hope. My daughter and son are in Vocal Resistance also. I want to teach my children to be politically active and teach them how non-violence can change the world.”  M.H.

“Music speaks in ways that words do not. I sing out because words are not always adequate to convey the urgent need for justice, peace, and empathy. Music speaks to the heart, and fires the passion that is essential for inspiring people to join in this fight for equality and justice.” M.B.

Our mission is to teach everyone the songs of the resistance movement. We aim to change the optics of political resistance – away from the images of individuals screaming and waving signs, toward the picture of a united group, singing side by side.

We are 100% volunteer, and all members share organizational responsibilities. There are no fees to join Vocal Resistance. All we ask is that you stay in touch on social media and sing out for social justice.