Heart of Ohio March for Climate

Saturday, April 29


Delaware, OH


It was a stormy spring morning, not too cold, but definitely wet. Everyone gathered at the gazebo at Bicentennial Park in Delaware. Umbrellas and colorful rain jackets were everywhere.

The Vocal Resistance Choir took a moment to go through “Imagine” and “America the Beautiful” in a nearby bus stop. It was a really nice bus stop, maybe the cleanest, most spacious one I’ve ever seen. I think the bus stop was twice as large as any of the DATA busses in town! Deb Bogard, our point person took a selfie.


As we practiced in the bus stop, the rain began coming down harder and thunder added its voice to our sound. It was magical.

Connor, a music education major at Otterbein, joined us for the performance.

Because of the weather, fitting because this was a March for Climate, the organizers decided to hold the rally in the park gazebo. We huddled together and listened to speakers on climate, health, and jobs. Vocal Resistance led the singing of “America the Beautiful” at the beginning of the program and “Imagine” near the end. The soloists for “Imagine” were Karen, Deb, and Brian.


In total, there were about 10 Vocal Resistance members at the event. It was just the right size for an intimate, powerful gathering. My favorite moment was when thunder boomed as one of the presenters said, “We are speaking truth to power.” 18121606_10212925786645646_6068116366240262812_o


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