March 30 Rehearsal

Thursday, March 30


North Unitarian Universalist Congregation

1574 Franklin St.

Lewis Center, OH

All are welcome at this open rehearsal.

Tentative rehearsal schedule:

Proposed schedule for the 3/30 rehearsal:
7:00-7:05 breathing and stretching, led by Stephanie Henderson
7:05-7:15 vocal warm up, “America, the Beautiful”
7:15-7:30 “Meditation on Breathing” led by Tanya Rable-Collins
7:30-7:45 review parts “I’m Gonna Walk It With You,” sing through with Brian Kelley on guitar
7:45-8:00 begin learning parts “Imagine”

8:00-8:15 event planning meeting – Recap: Counter Protest (Stephanie Henderson), Save Healthcare Rally (Conne Winch), Candlelight Vigil (Connie Winch). Upcoming: Interfaith March April 2 (Anne Reilly), April 7 Indivisible Happy Hour (Jenny Riegler), April 8 #icantkeepquiet day (Marlene Hartzler), April 22 March for Science (Stephanie Henderson), April 23 “The Ride To Justice” (Jenny Morgan), April 29 in Mt. Gilead (Donna Rhodeback), update on Delaware (Heather Spencer), other events? T-shirt decals (Jessa Ca), social media (Karen Clark Buchanan), “Speak” photography project (Anne Reilly), press statement (Anna Filippi)

8:15-8:25 more “Imagine” part work
8:25-8:45 “Quiet” with soloists – comment below if you want to be soloist this week. We will have time for 3.


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